My “new” Camera

Today my AGFA ANSCO B2 Cadet JN-98 arrived. It was in very good condition for its age (1937-1940). The view finders and lens was a little dirty. The shutter works but had some drag and didn’t always reset, the bulb function would not hold the shutter back. 

I did a quick search on YouTube to confirm how to take the B2 apart and with a little help from Dave Redman I had this super simple camera apart in no time. The front cover and viewfinder housing is only held on with two pins on the sides. Removing the cover exposes the entire shutter mechanism that is all mounted on one plate and held into the camera with furniture tacks. Mine is missing at least two and one was loose.  I used a hammer and punch to gently put it back into place. This helped the shutter but didn’t fix it. Upon further examination and numerous shutter actions I found the lower Right spring chatching on the silver mechanical catch on also on the lower right side keeping the action from returning to its starting position. I bent up the lower half of the spring letting it clear the catch returning the camera to fully functional.  I cleaned the lenses and view finders and I’m ready to load some film.

I have a roll of porta 400 in the mail, I hope it arrives before my Brothers wedding on Saturday. I want to be able to give them some unique photos of after the ceremony.